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Focused on software development, OCCT3D helps with the digital transformation of industries using 3D technologies.

In association with Open Cascade, it dates back to 1980, when Matra Datavision released the Euclid CAD system, OCCT3D has been evolving ever since.  While, in different years, the business was purchased by other companies such as Areva, EADS, etc. Since 2014 Open Cascade and OCCT3D are part of Capgemini Engineering.

Today, OCCT3D is a highly experienced and constantly growing team comprising a wide range of high-performance proprietary 3D software tools both open-source and commercial. The first ones have been developed, maintained, and continuously improved since 2000. Whereas the second ones help creating modern tailor-made industrial solutions that meet even the most sophisticated client’s requirements.

With its proprietary breakthrough technologies, OCCT3D backs the path to digital the future, letting its users and clients to always be ahead of their competition.

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In 2020 Open Cascade with OCCT3D became a member of the GICAN, the French Marine Industry Group, which affiliates more than 200 industrialists in the maritime industry.

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