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Create CAD software that best fits your needs

3D data processing products beneficial for your business

Our powerful ready-to-use products include software for Industry 4.0, web solutions, as well as applications for various areas, like computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing, engineering, programming, etc.

Rich palette of 3D data processing algorithms for different application areas
User-friendly interface. Each product is easy and convenient to learn and use
Multiple licensing options. Choose the one that best suits your business case
Direct access to the algorithms underlying the products’ powerful tools

Each of Open Cascade products is an example of the company’s expertise that lets your CAD, CAM, CMM, Robotics, inspection or other software be unique and embed your know-how. Profit from the integrated state-of-the-art digital technology that gears the creation of bespoke 3D solutions of any scale and complexity.

What is Open Cascade Platform?
Release Notes
Release notes are available to customers with every new product release marking changes and showing the direction of products development.
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Product Maintenance
Product maintenance helps clients keep the software up to date. Open Cascade releases updated versions of products upon development of new features and implementing improvements.
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Product Trainings
Product trainings provided in the form of recorded videos or live-demonstrations by Open Cascade experts are the fastest way to start working with our software.
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