Scalable hybrid storage

Open Cascade Platform Module

Most industries use complex digital assets. Digital twin needs a solution for storing heterogeneous data supporting modern requirements for availability, integrity, reliability, and security. Cloud storage solutions that meet all the requirements of the industrial sector are one of the key expertise of Open Cascade.

Open Cascade Commercial Platform provides data storage allowing enterprise users to store, protect, access, process, share and collaborate on massive 1D, 2D and 3D types of data worldwide. Depending on the customers’ needs and the level of security required, our data storage solutions can be deployed to public or private clouds.

With our hybrid storage, you gain significant operational costs optimization thanks to enhanced interoperability with the cloud platforms. Whatever cloud platform you prefer (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or any other), wherever your end-users are located on the globe, you can rely on Open Cascade technology and expertise.

In addition to cloud versions, Open Cascade hybrid storage can run on dedicated and secure infrastructure in the customer’s data center. Providing the highest possible level of security, the solution retains the ability to use the access elements of cloud technologies, in fact, turning the customer’s local storage into a secure personal cloud.

Open Cascade proprietary fault-tolerant technology based on an adjustable replication factor allows customizing the number of copies stored for data of different types and levels of importance. Thus, our solutions can provide greater integrity and bandwidth for time-critical or high-availability information.

End-to-end industrial software solutions with scalable hybrid storage help you stay focused on your core business while we solve massive and heterogeneous data management issues for you. Data-centric architecture reveals the true value of the customer data turning it into a real asset.

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