Collision Detection Component

Collision Detection SDK provides the algorithms to detect collisions, clashes and proximity between pairs of shapes. The fast shape-shape collision, proximity and clash detection algorithm is intended for detecting collision (intersection) or proximity criterion violation between a pair of Open Cascade shapes positioned at arbitrary locations.


Having two shapes, the Collision Detection component has the capability to:
  • Detect if the shapes are in contact with each other – according to a tolerance – and provide the collision location (point, triangle or face).
  • Given a proximity value, detect if the shapes are near each other and provide the related locations (points, triangles or faces).
Open Cascade shape-shape collisions and proximity detection algorithm is based on manipulating trees of AABB constructed around triangle meshes bound to Open Cascade shapes. However, the algorithm can be easily adjusted to accept non Open Cascade meshes. Each shape loaded into the algorithm can be positioned independently in any arbitrary location without recalculation of AABB-trees of mesh triangles. This allows a very efficient way for implementing various positioning techniques, including path walking for Coordinate Measurement Machines. The precision is defined by the corresponding mesh deflection which can be easily adjusted. Overall performance of this algorithm allows to compete with several other open source and commercially available modules, yet giving user freedom to choose from a wide range of input geometry without any strong restrictions (say, other algorithms require convexity, manifold shapes, non-coplanar triangles etc.)


  • Open Cascade fast collision and proximity detection algorithm brings availability of proximity detection and high performance both in collisions and proximity modes together with flexibility and ease of control. Clash analysis and collision checking can be easily performed.
  • The Collision Detection component gives you a very efficient way for implementing various positioning techniques, including path walking for Coordinate Measurement Machines.
  • The computation precision can be easily adjusted by changing the corresponding mesh deflection. Convenient API allows for fast integration into any existing application, providing easy connection to any particular GUI.
  • The demo application visually demonstrating the power of the component is available for Windows NT users.
  • No third party licensing is required to use this component.


  • The Collision Detection SDK is based on the latest version of Open CASCADE Technology, and requires no other external software.
  • It is available on all platforms supported by the corresponding version of Open CASCADE Technology.
  • Operational mode and possible limitations are described in the documentation accompanying the module.
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