Surface from Scattered Points Component

The trend of using laser scanning in manufacturing has seen the massive proliferation in recent years and has found application in various industrial fields. However, it often happens that unwanted issues occur while scanning, especially when it comes to complex parts and objects or imperfect scanning process, what leads to significant holes in captured data and to low quality of the achieved results. In this case, Open Cascade comes as an expert in surface reconstruction from scattered points field offering the so-called SDK, which name says for itself. Powerful capabilities of SDK allow not only recovering the missing data lost during the data acquisition process, but performing such operations as hole filling, surface morphing, gaps filling etc. The SSP SDK brings the power of the variation method to solve particular 3D tasks of surface reconstruction in OCCT-based applications. It can be used in a wide range of industrial applications providing high quality solution in the fields of automatic measurements, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, generative shape design, shapes customization, morphing etc.
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