Volume Rendering Component

Nowadays 3D visualization of industrial computed tomography results for non-destructive testing and quality control procedures gains tremendous potential. Open Cascade understands the high demand for hardware independent solutions for large amount of heavy volumetric data handling. The company offers NDT & Metrology software vendors and equipment manufacturers solutions based on Open Cascade Platform for visual quality control and NDT in industrial manufacturing. Empower your software with CT data visualization and processing tools by leveraging Open Cascade Volume Rendering technology.   Benefit from:
  • Optimization of license fees due to flexible licensing policy including “one-time payment” option
  • Handling of huge CT data sets thanks to proprietary visualization technology implementing Out-of-core rendering and Level-of-details (LOD) approaches
  • Provision of high performance and visualization quality as GPU-based algorithms and above-mentioned approaches enable using the software even on relatively weak workstations
  • Empowering CT solution with CAD/Mesh data available thanks to native integration with other Open Cascade platform capabilities – 3D algorithms, visualization and data exchange
  • Time to market minimization with Open Cascade support getting access to more than 20 years of industrial 3D experience
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