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Step-up solution for bringing your CAD products to a website

Keeping up with two modern trends such as immersive computing and migration from on-premise to web, Open Cascade offers a unique development package of software components for short-time creation of 3D-rich web applications — Web 3D Viewer, which is a part ofOpen Cascade Platform.

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The package consists of two components:

  • WebGL 3D viewer — the component responsible for CAD rendering and visualization in a web,
  • Presentation Generator (BSON generator) — the component responsible for conversion of CAD files to internal binary presentation format (BSON) that can be displayed in a web browser with help of WebGL 3D viewer component.

Standard functionality* included into Web 3D Viewer:

  • Navigation and rotation
  • Standard views and various display modes
  • Measurements
  • Annotations
  • Clipping planes and capping
  • Exploded view
  • Snapshots
  • Object browser, synchronization of the selection between browser and 3D view
* Some additional functionality can be provided as a specific development based on other Open Cascade Platform components.

Start your web project with a solid basis or finish a puzzle with a missing piece:

  • Create a stand-alone solution to view, analyze and share CAD models online
  • Enrich your website with an interactive 3D viewing capacity
  • Build in a 3D viewing capability into existing web-based solution or application

What makes Web 3D Viewer stand out:

  • Apart from a simple viewing capability you receive a set of specific engineering-oriented features needed for CAD models analysis
  • You make one-time payment for the development toolkit: no subscriptions and prolongations are required
  • Time-proven expertise and ready-to-use development tools to customize your future web viewer solution
  • Unlimited number of models and storage – we offer you flexibility and scalability from the very beginning

Key advantages for developers:

  • Compatible with both WebGL 1.0/2.0
  • JavaScript API layer offers a subset of functions for scene scripting
  • Three.js renderer- display of custom actors

Supported web browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox version 54 or newer (WebGL 2.0)
  • Google Chrome version 59  or newer (WebGL 2.0)
  • Microsoft Edge 40  or newer (WebGL 2.0)
  • Apple Safari (WebGL 1.0)

Supported file formats for reading:

  • Neutral file formats: STEP, IGES,
  • Native file formats*: CATIA v.4/v.5/v.6, Solidworks, Solidedge, JT, NX, CreoElements (Pro-Engineer), Inventor, ACIS, Parasolid, 3DM (Rhino), IFC, Revit, CADDs,
  • Mesh file formats: OBJ, STL, PLY, FBX, CGR,
  • Internal file format: BREP, XBF.
*The support of native formats is available as an extension to the standard functionality under additional license. Contact Open Cascade to get more information.
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