OCCT3D Open Source core 7.8.0 released

05 Dec 2023

We are delighted to announce the release of OCCT3D Open Source core version 7.8.0.


Version 7.8.0 is a minor release, encompassing approximately 110 improvements and corrections over the previous minor release 7.7.0.

What’s New in OCCT3D Open Source 7.8.0


  • Fixed TDataStd_NamedData HasSmth() methods to no longer return true for empty containers.
  • Improved general performance through code updates with static analysis.
  • Implemented “Memory Manager” configurations: Native, TBB, JeMalloc, Flexible. JeMalloc leads to a performance increase of up to 40% for large files.
  • Introduced CMake configuration for optimization profiles: Default and Production. Production activates all available compiler optimizations.
  • Implemented move semantics into NCollection and TCollection containers.
  • Modernized NCollection_Vector(NCollection_DynamicArray), NCollection_Array1, and NCollection_Array2.
  • Updated memory allocation functionality to avoid unnecessary memory cleaning (set 0).
  • Modernized NCollection_IncAllocator (optimized pool for small objects).


  • Addressed multiple bug fixes and improvements for various modeling algorithm methods.
  • Increased memory management performance.
  • Improved overall modeling stability.
  • Resolved canonical geoplane detection problems.


  • Resolved compilation issues related to vtk 9.2.6.
  • Improved SelectMgr_EntityOwner to process the selection scheme.
  • Modified Image_AlienPixMap::Save() to write into a memory buffer instead of a file.
  • Reduced sensitivity of lines.
  • Extended AIS_AnimationObject with syntax for defining rotation around a specific point.
  • Introduced separate gesture mappings for dragging to AIS_ViewController.
  • Integrated the ability to scale by moving the mouse on the OY axis.


  • Fixed BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh issue with overflowing system memory.
  • Unhandled Standard_OutOfRangeBRepMesh_PairOfIndex::Append() no longer prevents triangulation with large deflection values.

Data Exchange

  • Resolved multiple issues regarding DE Wrapper and Step import and export.
  • Increased STEP parser performance.
  • Introduced thread-safety interface to STEP import and export.
  • Reorganized DE ToolKits according to specific CAD formats.
  • Introduced DE plug-in system to load CAD format providers during library loading time.
  • Fixed stability issues with XBF and IGES file formats.
  • Addressed general problems with importing VRML V1.
  • Improved processing of STEP-oriented dimensions.

Draw Test Harness

  • Enabled loading of plugins on Linux OS.
  • Reorganized DRAW DE ToolKits according to specific CAD formats.
  • Resolved environment-related issues with debug tools DrawTrSurf_SetDrawTrSurf_SetPnt, and DrawTrSurf_SetPnt2d.

How to Upgrade

For details on upgrading to the new version, please refer to OCCT3D Open Source Upgrade Guide.

Prepared packages are available at the following link.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information.

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