Product Maintenance

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What comes next after purchasing Open Cascade products? Open Cascade takes care of its customers, providing maintenance of its commercial products and added-value components.

As for products, Open Cascade releases updated versions of its products from time to time. Product maintenance helps you keep the software up to date with the improvements and new features implemented into it.

Regarding added-value components, when a newer version of Open CASCADE Technology is released, it’s necessary to provide compatibility between the component purchased by the customer and the newest OCCT. Thus, in this case maintenance consists in delivering to the customer all updates of the component that are issued by Open Cascade to allow such compatibility.

Open Cascade provides its customers with a favorable welcoming advantage: as a rule, the first year of maintenance is included into the price of the license.

Maintenance can be prolonged on a yearly basis under the pricing and other conditions effective at the date of prolongation. This option is preferable because if the maintenance is not prolonged before the end date of the current maintenance period, purchasing of a new license will be required as soon as the customer needs to continue maintenance.

Please note that maintenance does not include correction of particular problems the customer may report. Such correction is subject to additional services available under support contracts offered by Open Cascade.

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