Enrich functionality of your application
with 20+ years of OCCT3D experience

Web 3D Viewer

Visualization and analysis of 3D models online for web-based solutions

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Express Mesh

Fast mesh generation and extended control over the mesh quality and element size

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Sheet Metal Operations

Algorithms for sheet metal parts fabrication: unfolding, extracting properties, etc.

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Volume Rendering

CT data visualization and processing tool for nondestructive testing or metrology software

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CAD Simplification

3D data simplification algorithms enriched with operations on meshes and data management

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Our 3D software development kits can enhance your application or help you solve a specific problem while saving time and costs. We offer solutions for CAD data simplification, healing and visualization in web, mesh processing, production costs estimation for sheet metal, etc. For professional developers, Advanced Samples are available with full source code, to demonstrate OCCT3D open-source kernel use in various domains and much more. Just choose the SDKs you are most interested in from the DevTools Marketplace and find out more details.
Technical Support
Flexible support programs adapted to any project
Support services provided by OCCT3D are aimed to help developers during the whole project, from the very beginning till final deployment and maintenance.
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Choose standard training courses to let your team members master OCCT3D Open Source core or SALOME fast
Open Cascade training programs give a complete verview to those who want to become operational with the OCCT3D Open Source core or SALOME platform.
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Keep the software up to date
Yearly maintenance lets our customers receive all updates of DevTools, including upgrades to newer OCCT3D Open Source core versions.
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Bespoke 3D software tailored to every business case
Custom software developed by OCCT3D is based on its high-performance 3D modeling kernel and powerful technologies.
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